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The Salvation Army Flying Padre & Outback Services

Mission & Purpose

The mission and purpose of the Flying Padre & Outback Services - better known as the "Flying Padre" - is to carry the Christian message to remote communities and isolated people who live on stations across the top end of Western Australia and Northern Territory.

Christian Education classes are held in many isolated community schools, with the aim to conduct classes once each term. Classes are also conducted for individual students and families on their stations at the request of parents.  Church services are often held on stations to celebrate Easter and Christmas, and at other times as requested.

The Flying Padre is primarily a chaplain and is often called upon to conduct funerals, memorial services, wedding ceremonies or child dedications.

Assistance to families is provided in many ways including transportation, delivery of goods, as well as a listening ear and word of comfort or support.

In 2013 the Flying Padre:

  • Contacted 2030 people
  • Piloted 'SVA' for 360 hours
  • Was away from home for 180 days
  • Made personal contact with 2200 people
  • Assisted 120 people with emergency travel or material aid
  • Held 28 Christian Education lessons with 360 young people
  • Gave 1200 hours of pastoral support and friendly conversation
  • Visited 220 NT & WA cattle stations and indigenous communities
  • Conducted 20 religious ceremonies (weddings, funerals, christenings)

Contact the Flying Padre

Padre Greg in action

Greg Howard (Captain)

PO Box 1460
Katherine NT 0851
T.  (08) 89723732
M. 0457 215 340
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