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Our partners

All levels of government, corporate entities that provide professional service and financial support, and individuals and groups that provide funding are considered to be partners of The Salvation Army. Together these various groups enable The Salvation Army to extend its work into all areas of the Australian community.

Our partners

Government Funding

Funding from Federal and State Governments is critical to the operation of Salvation Army services and programmes across the Australia Southern Territory. The Salvation Army will continue to seek funding support from all levels of government in order to continue to deliver services and provide positive outcomes for those that seek its support.

In all cases The Salvation Army follows a funding process as required by the specific government department, generally taking the form of a standard tender for a specific service, centre or programme.

In many cases funding coming from the government is renewed from the previous year for ongoingwork. Funding from governmental bodies is granted for the rendering of services and for capital work. The following table provides an indication as to the level of government funding received for the past five years. 

Government funding

Individually audited accounts are prepared for the individual centre, service or programme in question and provide the annual report as the central means of reporting to government departments.

Public Fundraising

Fundraising collection tin Donations made to The Salvation Army are generally made to the Red Shield Appeal, which is the central fundraising appeal running throughout the year. The Christmas Appeal is an extension of the Red Shield Appeal, which is conducted over the Christmas and New Year period. The Salvos Crisis Partners Programme is a pledge-giving programme where regular donations are made to the Red Shield Appeal.

People wishing to make a donation to The Salvation Army have a degree of choice as to where their donation goes. The Red Shield Appeal provides the central stream of funding for social programmes and services. Within this appeal it is possible for supporters to specify an area or aspect of service in which their donation will be used. The Salvation Army also has a Child Sponsorship programme where individuals can support children in need overseas. In response to international disasters like the Oklahoma tornadoes, The Salvation Army has the capacity to conduct international aid appeals. The Salvation Army has an active Bequests programme for supporters who wish to leave a legacy to The Salvation Army in their Will.

The Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory aims to communicate in a clear and transparent manner with all donors and members of the general public. Public complaints received are directed to the Territorial Communications and Fundraising Department with the objective of being resolved at this level. Regular communication with leadership ensures that Cabinet members are aware of issues as they arise.

Donor enquiries and complaints are directed to the Donor Care Service Team located at Territorial Headquarters in the first stage of this process. TheTerritorial Communications and Fundraising Secretary is ultimately responsible for the resolution of donor complaints. A dedicated telephone number and email address where complaints and feedback from donors can be directed is also available for the public.

Operational Partners

Several organisations provide The Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory with professional services that are important to the operations of the organisation. Westpac is the banking partner of The Salvation Army and also supports the Red Shield Appeal by receiving collections from the doorknock.

KPMG is the territorial auditing partner and they have audited the social fund financial statements that form part of this report. In order to ensure legal obligations are met the organisation seeks relevant legal advice to the state and territory in question. The solicitors listed below assist in the relevant state/territory.

Principal Legal Advisory for The Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory

Legal Advisors for States – General and Property
Northern Territory – Cridlands NT Lawyers
Victoria – E P Johnson & Davies
Western Australia – Freehills
South Australia – Minter Ellison
Tasmania – Murdoch Clarke

Legal Advisors – Specialists
Deceased Estates Western Australia – Anderson Kershaw
Corporate Law/Health Law/Commercial Litigation– Clayton Utz, Melbourne
Copyright/Trademark – Davies Collison Cave, Melbourne
Employment Law – Marsh and Maher, Melbourne
Abuse/Children in Care – Nevett Ford, Melbourne
Salvos Legal – Sydney