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Our mission

The Salvation Army’s values of human dignity, justice, hope, compassion and community are echoed through every expression of our work.

Throughout Australia The Salvation Army is known for its social conscience and social action. Transforming lives, caring for people, making disciples and reforming society is the mission at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to each other, to people in need and to reaching the lost with the Good News of Jesus Christ is evident as we respond to the ever-changing needs of the Australian community.
Our mission
Our purpose is to address needs within our communities and work to offer specific solutions to the wide range of issues affecting individuals and local communities across Australia.

The Salvation Army in Australia works across a diverse range of social issues that stretch from our core areas of service –homelessness, family violence, addiction and recovery services, support for families facing crisis and youth services. We have also developed services and programmes to meet the specific needs of acommunity or group of people. Our purpose is to assist individuals,families and communities often experiencing the most desperate need. We serve the most marginalised and disadvantaged, assisting them to build the capacity to transform their lives.