Burma Disaster (2008)
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Burma Disaster (2008)

Tildar Saw revisits the remains of her home

The Salvation Army helped thousands of Burmese affected by Cyclone Nargis.

The 2008 cyclone claimed more than 138,000 lives, devastating entire communities throughout the south-east Asian country.

Under the leadership of Major James Aaron ' the Regional Officer , the Salvos provided cooked meals and water to survivors. The organization also gave shelter in the Army buildings that were still standing.

Later, the Salvos commenced upon a reconstruction project for destroyed and partially destroyed Burmese houses.

Major Brad Halse ' Communications Director for the Salvos , described the situation as 'difficult' and argued that communication was fraught with obstacles as a result of the devastation. 

'Today, we are currently assessing how we can mobilise other Salvation Army emergency relief teams to enter the region and assist local Salvationists. We are trying to get as much information out of the region as possible, however, communicating is very difficult,' Major Halse said.

'The Salvation Army in Australia has sent $500,000 from its disaster relief fund for immediate use to help with the relief effort.'

Myanmar-based Tildar Saw was grateful for the assistance. Like thousands of Burmese, she lost her home in the tragedy. She was lucky, though, that a neighbour took her and her parents in. 

'It is essential to assist each other in times of need,' the neighbour said.