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Warcry My Story: Free at last

Philip Dorset shares his story with WarcryPhilip Dorsett says it's amazing how his life has changed.

My early life was filled with drinking and smoking. I started smoking down the back of the school oval in grade six. 
My mum and dad smoked, so it wasn't hard to acquire cigarettes. I would take some and then spread the rest out in the packet so it looked as if it hadn't been touched—you get sneaky when you're an addict.

I began drinking in high school and, from the moment I first tried alcohol, I liked it. It made me feel good and gave me confidence—I could approach girls and talk to them without a problem. 
I mixed with the wrong crowd—people who drank heavily—and I was always in pubs and began womanising.

I started an apprenticeship as a refrigeration mechanic with my father, but due to my drinking I failed the course. Because drinking and having fun with my friends were more important to me, I never resat the exam.

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