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24/7 response line launched for people in need

1800 COMMUNITY - a 24/7 telephone response line for people in need in Melbourne CBDThe Salvation Army in Melbourne has launched 1800 COMMUNITY: a 24/7 telephone response line for people in need on the city streets.

The 1800 COMMUNITY number will provide a 24 hour mobile response for people that are homeless, intoxicated and/or drug affected, experiencing mental health issues, underage, vulnerable, registered missing persons or those that are generally distressed. 

The number is a resource for Police, PSO’s, Transit Police, Emergency Services and the general public. 

'We need you to be our eyes and ears,' said Salvation Army Melbourne leader Major Brendan Nottle. ‘If we work together, we can make sure everybody gets help when they need it most.’

The Salvation Army Melbourne Project 614 currently operates multiple street outreach services in the city seven nights a week. 

“The Police and Metro trains often call on the street outreach teams to take care of young people or anyone who is vulnerable – we might drive them home, take them to The Salvation Army to sober up, or link them into services wherever it's possible,” said Major Nottle. 

Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police Ken Lay said that The Salvation Army’s presence is critical to keeping vulnerable people in the city safe. 

“The Police see people in crisis seven days a week and these people rarely just have one issue – often it’s a combination of drug or alcohol addiction and homelessness,” he said. 

“There’s no easy solution, but Brendan and his team are working hard to make sure people are better off.”  

The new number means there is now one consolidated number to offer and provide The Salvation Army’s breadth of services. 

If you're in inner Melbourne and see someone who is homeless, experiencing mental health issues, drug/alcohol affected, or simply distressed, call 1800 COMMUNITY (266 686 489) —a Salvation Army street team will be there.

For more information about The Salvation Army Project 614 and the Street Teams go to salvationarmy.org.au/melbourne614