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Metro Customers and Salvos team up for Red Shield Appeal

29 June, 2013

Team up
Lauren Cockerell, Salvation Army Youth Street Teams Coordinator and TSA volunteer in CBD

Metro customers and Salvo volunteers have teamed up for this year’s Red Shield Appeal with more than $25,000 collected on the train network from May 23 to May 28.

Major Brendan Nottle, Commanding Officer of The Salvation Army, is impressed at the generosity of Metro customers who went out of their way to make this year’s appeal a success.

The Salvos and Metro have a history of working together to help vulnerable people trying to get by in Melbourne.

“Metro is working with us through the Salvos Metro Transit Team program, where specially trained volunteers engage with Metro customers who may be in need of help,” he said.

“They continue to show a great willingness to support the Salvos in their mission to transform lives and care for people,” said Major Nottle.

The Transit Team initiative has been in place for almost a year now and is part of Metro’s corporate partnership with The Salvation Army.

Each week groups of specially trained Salvation Army volunteers travel the rail network helping those in need of support.

Salvation Army Youth Street Teams Coordinator Lauren Cockerell said that since the initial deployment of Transit Teams across Metro’s network, they’ve seen a significant increase in the number of people engaging with the program’s volunteers.

“Many people have presented at The Salvation Army Melbourne for follow-up referral services such as accommodation and homelessness case management,” said Lauren.

To date the Transit Team program has found:
· Most incidents occur on Friday and Saturday nights.
· Midweek there has been increased engagement with homeless persons and substance abusers who require support services.