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2013 Federal Election Statements

The Salvation Army does not support offshore processing and calls for the development of alternatives to this issue. The Salvation Army also advocates for the review of the decision to deny asylum seekers on bridging visas work rights while they await the determination of their refugee status.

These are just two of the 50 recommendations in The Salvation Army’s Statements for the Federal Election 2013 that call on all political parties to break the cycle of poverty and consider the needs and plight of disadvantaged people.

The Salvation Army also calls for an increased commitment and investment in affordable housing. It seeks a strong political commitment to meet the shortfall of properties for those on low incomes through the National Affordable Housing Agreement. A similar commitment to specific targets to reduce rough sleepers and other forms of homelessness is also sought.

The Salvation Army’s Statements for the Federal Election 2013 highlights other areas of concern including:

  • Reducing poverty and ensuring the basic necessities of disadvantaged Australians are being met
  • The damage to individuals, families and communities brought on by abuse of alcohol and other drugs
  • The setting of national targets for the prevention and reduction of violence against women and increased funding for homelessness services assisting women and children who are escaping family violence
  • The provision of appropriate employment opportunities for those of all ages and backgrounds, particularly the long term unemployed
  • The development and implementation of further strategies to reduce problem gambling in Australia and to lessen the reliance of state governments on gambling as a major revenue source

“This September, we are looking to our political parties to consider these statements and the plight of the disadvantaged,” said Major Alley, National Secretary for The Salvation Army.

“The Salvation Army sees the human face of poverty and disadvantage on a daily basis. This election is an opportunity for all Australian political parties to make a genuine commitment to addressing the structural inequalities that contribute to many hundreds of thousands of people living in poverty,” said Major Alley.


For further information or media comment please contact:

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