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Unit Open Day 14/9

14th September


On the 14th of September staff, local police and young people gathered for a unit open day to celebrate the achievements of young people and staff of the unit for 2016.

The open day was a circus theme, giving the opportunity for young people and staff from the unit to dress up as clowns, jesters & even a bearded lady!

Guests were welcomed with delicious snacks such as corndogs, baked potatos and cupcakes. There was also a popcorn machine, much to delight of many.

Those who attended were treated to performances by young people and staff, including a duet by two young people living at the unit.

The unit decorations and food were prepared by staff and young people - this was significant as the young people acted as hosts of their own unit and took pride in its appearance and overall success of the day.

Unit staff are extremely proud of the young people's effort and endeavour over the past fortnight and thank them for going above and beyond.

Check out our gallery below with pics from the day!