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Help end poverty through gifts that empower developing communities.

  • Maternal health trainingEducation

    Maternal health training$18

    Something so miraculous and beautiful like pregnancy and childbirth has traditionally been a risky time for Indian women, with 45,000 mothers-to-be dying every year [1]. Health training helps decrease the maternal and infant mortality rate and prevent complications at childbirth. It also promotes infant health.

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  • Farming starter kitLivelihood

    Farming starter kit$47

    Help feed a family sustainably by giving them everything they need to start a small farm. The kit includes seeds, fertiliser, tools and hermetic bags for safely storing harvested grains and seeds. Importantly, they also receive training to ensure they can reap a plentiful harvest their first year and beyond.

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  • Pair of hermetic storage bagsLivelihood

    Pair of hermetic storage bags$10

    Imagine freeing a farmer from the fear of their hard-earned harvest being destroyed by insects such as weevils. A pair of hermetic storage bags can help protect a family's food source from external and internal insect damage. The bags are reusable and reduce dependency on chemicals, making them a better choice for a family’s health and the environment. These bags give families peace of mind about their food source for the coming year.

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With an active presence in over 128 countries, The Salvation Army is a global leader in community development. Our Australian International Development team partners exclusively with Salvation Army centres and staff in developing countries, ensuring the utmost accountability and impact for your donation.

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