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Maternal health training

Something so miraculous and beautiful like pregnancy and childbirth has traditionally been a risky time for Indian women, with 45,000 mothers-to-be dying every year [1]. Health training helps decrease the maternal and infant mortality rate and prevent complications at childbirth. It also promotes infant health.

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Poultry training

Keeping hens isn’t just about eggs and meat for today; course participants gain the skills and knowledge to transform a chicken into a livelihood. Training includes flock characteristics, health, housing and enterprise. An ideal gift to pair with a chicken.

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Anti-trafficking workshop

Education is key to fighting human trafficking. With an estimated 1.2 million children trafficked every year [2], anti-trafficking workshops educate communities about human trafficking by giving practical advice on how to tackle the issue at a grassroots level.

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Nutrition education

Here in Australia, children in preschool are taught the importance of eating vegetables and having a balanced diet. Help give other children and their parents a healthful perspective with the gift of training community health workers on nutrition. By training local workers, this education can lead to a permanent shift in mindset and practice.

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WASH club training

Once children have learned basic hygiene and sanitation practices, they become passionate about it, teaching their families and improving the health of their entire communities. This gift educates a class of children, but helps a whole community reach its potential.

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Life skills and vocational training

Provide a year's worth of training for one disadvantaged young person and help them get a job that will transform their future. "These vocational trainings are good to teach us how to manage ourselves and manage money too," says former student Nilar Yee*.
*Name changed

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Health training

Save hundreds of lives by supporting health education on subjects such as HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and early pregnancy. Knowledge gives protection and power. A one-day training course upskills trainers and educates young women so their lives and futures can be healthy and hopeful.

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Child rights and safety

If you, someone you know or a group you belong to feels strongly about the rights of children, this project is the perfect gift. Your contribution helps establish a “child help desk” in a school. This creates a safe space where children know they will be cared for and protected. Plus, it gives children a safe person who they can share their concerns with such as vulnerabilities to trafficking or exploitation.

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Pair of hermetic storage bags

A pair of hermetic storage bags can help protect a family's food source from external and internal insect damage. The bags are reusable and reduce dependency on chemicals, making them a better choice for a family’s health and the environment. Give families peace of mind about their food source.

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One chicken can change a life forever – better nutrition from up to 200 eggs a year, and, once the chicken has bred, the sale of chicks and eggs delivers a sustainable income that can be the start of a thriving business. This life-changing gift also includes vaccinations to help ward off dangerous diseases and initial food for the chicken.

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Hand shovel

With a hand shovel, farmers can easily prepare soil for planting crops, starting a healthier life and, potentially, a healthier livelihood. Learning sustainable techniques and establishing crops empowers families to farm a secure future.

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Farming starter kit

Help feed a family sustainably by giving them everything they need to start a small farm. The kit includes seeds, fertiliser, tools and hermetic bags for safely storing harvested grains and seeds. Importantly, they also receive training to ensure they can reap a plentiful harvest their first year and beyond.

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Goats are easy to raise, adaptable to extreme climates and terrains and provide nutritious milk. And cheese from goats’ milk, along with their offspring and even manure can all be sold at market. A goat is a perfect gift for a family.

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Establish a Self-Help Group

Self-Help Groups empower women to write their own futures. This gift guides one new Self-Help Group through the entire start-up process. It gives 10 women opportunities for skills training and support with micro-credit loans. In their small groups, women encourage one another towards success and work to transform their wider community.

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HIV care

HIV is one of the world’s most serious public health challenges [3]. But testing and effective treatment can both reduce the risk of spreading HIV and allow people with the disease to live long, healthy lives. This gift provides a year’s worth of practical services such as medical assistance and blood testing, as well important psychosocial support, counselling and fellowship opportunities.

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Imagine not having a toilet in your house. The water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) project means every household in Majuwa village, Malawi, now has its own toilet. That means, says local resident Patricia, “Our kids are now healthy.” Buy a toilet and help more families thrive.

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Water tank

Clean water is the foundation of a healthy community. Children who have access to clean water are healthier, better protected from waterborne illnesses, can attend school more often and use their education to build a brighter future.

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Materials for a borehole pump

In the developing world, women and children often travel kilometres every day to collect water. With materials and basic training, communities can build a borehole pump, children can go to school and women can support their families at home or at work. Instead of spending time walking to collect water, a borehole gives people close access to clean water and the gift of time.

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Block of toilets

Transform an entire school with the gift of a block of toilets. A sturdy, safe, disability-friendly and hygienic toilet block complete with handwashing facilities reduces disease and time away from class or work. Not only does a clean toilet improve health now for children and their teachers, but it improves their future and that of the entire community.

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Every gift purchased through Salvos Gifts empowers communities to lift themselves out of poverty. The cost to implement each project varies. Therefore, when a project is fully funded, we direct excess funding to projects of a similar nature. This ensures the needs of the communities you support are met and that they have ownership of the project.