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Women drawing water from a borehole [Credit: The Salvation Army Malawi Territory]

Improving health outcomes in Malawi

30th July | 0 Comments

Supported by DFAT's ANCP, SAID and our partners are working with communities to improve access to clean water and raising hygiene awareness in the Karonga District of Malawi.

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Destigmatising Disability in Malawi

30th July | 0 Comments

In partnership with DFAT's ANCP, SAID and our partners are ensuring that people with a disability benefit from water, sanitation, hygiene and food security activities in Malawi.
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Spring Newsletter 2020

28th September | 0 Comments

Thanks to your generosity, Water & Health sponsorship has provided children in Kenya access to fresh clean water, life-saving training and a vaccine against waterborne diseases.
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Handwashing Changing Lives

27th May | 0 Comments

In this era of Covid-19 with the emphasis on handwashing and social distancing, imagine not having any water to wash your hands in.  Imagine not knowing that handwashing after the toilet or before ha...
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Autumn Newsletter 2020

17th March | 0 Comments

Your support has meant that Juthika, who was struggling to read is now a confident business woman.  As a member of a  Self-Help Group, she can now help her children with their schoolwork and...
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Meet Joyce

4th December | 0 Comments

Joyce*, a mother of five children living in Malawi, worked hard in her farm to provide for her family. She was dedicated and diligent, but each year, she would only harvest two bags of maize
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Spring newsletter 2019

24th September | 0 Comments

Your support has changed everything for Violet and her family. The Salvation Army’s conservation agriculture program has taught Violet new farming techniques that now feed her family of six for...
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Autumn Newsletter 2019

1st May | 0 Comments

Alice is the Committee and Secretary member for the CIGA project in her community, Emuhondo in Bunyore Division. Alice has 5 children and is a widow. Before the project she already had 11 chickens tha...
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Wellsprings of hope

21st January | 0 Comments

Take a look at the 2018 SAID annual report and read how clean water and new toilets has changed the lives of children and teachers in a Kenyan school. Your support means that these children now have a...
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