Improving Access to Income and Stability through Conservation Agriculture

30 June 2022

Anna’s backyard garden in northern Malawi

Image: Anna's backyward garden in northern Malawi.



With support from the Australian Government, through the  Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP), the Salvation Army Malawi is implementing the Karonga WASH and Food Security (KiWASH) Project in northern Malawi.

By training farmers in Conservation Agriculture and providing vegetable seeds, the KiWASH project is assisting farmers to produce more food in their gardens, which can increase household food security and provide households with a source of income.

Forty-year-old Anna, a project participant, is widowed and previously supported her two daughters and two grandchildren by travelling to the mountainside to produce charcoal. However, selling charcoal did not provide enough income for her family.

After receiving Chinese cabbage and mustard seeds from the KiWASH project, Anna established a backyard garden. Implementing the Conservation Agriculture methods she learned from The Salvation Army, and with support from the community Conservation Agriculture Committee and project staff, Anna was able to harvest enough to feed her family.

Anna explains “My vegetables grew well to the extent that I had enough to eat and surplus to sell to people within the community which gave me opportunity to stop going to the mountain to burn charcoal and focus on other productive things at my home. I now have time to support my family well.”

Selling vegetables has changed Anna’s life in unexpected ways. Because she does not have to travel long distances to source charcoal, Anna has more time to care for her family and even to follow up their performance in school.



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