Our Mission and Values

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Our Vision

A world, restored by the love of Christ, living in dignity and filled with hope.

Our Mission

The Salvation Army is a Christian movement dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus.

We share the love of Jesus by:

  • Caring for people
  • Creating faith pathways
  • Building healthy communities
  • Working for justice

 SAID does this by empowering vulnerable communities to prosper in their economic, social and spiritual lives.

Our Values

The following values are central to the operation of The Salvation Army:

  • Integrity – Being honest and accountable in all we do
  • Compassion – Hearing and responding to pain with love
  • Respect – Affirming the worth and capacity of all people
  • Diversity – Embracing difference as a gift
  • Collaboration – Creating partnerships in mission

We will be transparent and encourage a spirit of mutual accountability in all dealing with donors, communities and individuals.

We see each person as having inherent value with rights and responsibilities. Therefore we seek to invest in the potential of all people, treating them with respect, valuing them as equals and working with them to restore their sense of self-worth, in a culturally sensitive manner. 

We respectfully work alongside communities and other stakeholders to improve identified social, economic and spiritual needs.

The Salvation Army International Development (SAID) is a department of The Salvation Army Australia that seeks a world restored by the love of Christ, living in dignity and filled with hope. SAID works globally, empowering vulnerable communities to achieve their basic human rights. 

We achieve this by working with our partners to deliver community development programs and projects in water and sanitation, healthcare, education, anti-human trafficking and livelihood activities. Our work is made possible by the generous support of the Australian public, the Australian Government and the wider Salvation Army. 

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