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Provide a brighter future for children by providing life-saving water, health and sanitation facilities.

How your sponsorship helps

Clean, safe water

A water tank in a school or community means children no longer have to walk to collect water and are better protected from waterborne illness. They can attend school and build a brighter future. 

Maternal health training

Maternal health training supports women in developing countries to better manage their reproductive health and helps to reduce infant mortality rate. 

Bore hole pumps

When you provide materials for a bore hole pump, it is an investment in the future of children, their families and communities. With access to clean water, children can attend school, waterborne illness is reduced and crops thrive.

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Caroline's story

 “Our school is located in a very dry area and water is scarce, so it was hard to keep our classrooms and washrooms clean. Many of my classmates were sick from waterborne diseases and could not attend school. But with the support of The Salvation Army and generous donors, we have received three water tanks and modern latrines to keep our school clean and my classmates healthy. We can now wash our hands often, cook with clean water and drink purified water. We are so grateful for all you’ve done for us.”

– Caroline, 11, Kenya

You can provide a brighter future for children and save lives as a sponsor for Water & Health.

Each day, nearly 1,000 children around the world die due to preventable water and sanitation-related diseases. 2.4 billion people lack access to basic sanitation services, such as toilets or latrines, and 1.8 billion people rely on contaminated water sources.Link

Poverty and poor health are strongly linked. With limited access to clean water and poor hygiene practices, children are often sick and cannot attend school. Their communities struggle with preventable disease and ongoing malnutrition. 

As a sponsor for Water & Health, you will help save lives by giving children access to things that we take for granted every day – fresh water, clean toilets, and basic healthcare training.

You can support The Salvation Army's vital water, health and sanitation projects around the world. Some of the ways you'll make a difference are: 

  • Installing water pipes, tanks, taps and toilets in schools and communities
  • Educating children and communities about good hygiene practices, nutrition, maternal and child health and disease prevention
  • Training health workers and birth attendants
  • Building capacity to advocate for health services
  • Empowering people living with a disability through community-based rehabilitation
  • Facilitating home-based care and support for people living with HIV

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