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Join our Priority Sponsors and ensure vital funds get to where they are needed most.

How Priority Sponsorship Helps

Global Reach

With active projects throughout Africa and Asia/Pacific, Priority Sponsors ensure vital funds can get to where they are needed most. 

Best outcomes

By choosing to give where it’s needed most, we’re able to target the unique needs of each community, ensuring the best possible outcome for children and families.

Highest value

Priority Sponsorship is the most efficient way to give, keeping our admin costs lower and ensuring your gift has maximum impact.

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Caroline's story

 “Our school is located in a very dry area and water is scarce, so it was hard to keep our classrooms and washrooms clean. Many of my classmates were sick from waterborne diseases and could not attend school. But with the support of The Salvation Army and generous donors, we have received three water tanks and modern latrines to keep our school clean and my classmates healthy. We can now wash our hands often, cook with clean water and drink purified water. We are so grateful for all you’ve done for us.”

– Caroline, 11, Kenya

Priority Sponsors help solve vital and urgent needs.

Around the world,

  • 3.1 million children under 5 years old die each year from poor nutritionLink
  • 57 million children remain out of schoolLink
  • Nearly 1,000 children die every day due to preventable water and sanitation-related diseasesLink

As a Priority Sponsor, your gift will be used on our highest priority needs every month, making a true global impact and touching the lives of people in need across many countries.

With active projects throughout Africa, Asia and the Pacific, there are endless ways that your sponsorship will be used to address the causes of poverty and injustice. Some examples are:

  • Providing clean water and sanitation facilities including tanks, pumps and toilets
  • Creating access to education by improving school facilities and training teachers
  • Improving living conditions by training local communities in hygiene, maternal health and disease prevention
  • Giving parents tools to lift their families out of poverty by starting a small business
  • Running community workshops to protect families and children from the techniques used by human traffickers

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