Territorial Envoy Greg Curnow

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Territorial Envoy Greg Curnow

Greg Curnow pictured with RSM 3RAR, Greg's primary sponsor unit

Greg Curnow (right), along with RSM 3RAR, his primary sponsor unit.

I commenced RSDS appointment in 2011 with my wife Renee Curnow. 

My 1st Appointment Darwin Robertson Barracks supporting 1 Armored & 2 Cav and the 7MD Reserves Band - now ‘Band of the First Brigade’.  Renee supported CSR and Family group at Robertson Barracks 2011 till 2012.  I continued at Robertson Barracks till 2013, then transferred to Townsville, Lavarack Barracks.  

In 2014 I commenced my 2nd posting at Lavarack Barracks supporting 3 RAR.  

As well as the 3 RAR Sallyman, I also had the role of Unit Bugler.

In 2017, 2 Cav was added as my secondary unit.  

I’m now in my 11th year as a senior RSDS Rep, currently still supporting 3 RAR & 2 Cav and unofficially, 1 RAR Band (joining in with a few gigs.)  

I am able to be contacted on 0419 745 654 or greg.curnow@salvationarmy.org.au