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Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera has a long history, having been in existence officially since 1908, although the wider area has been used for military purposes since 1855.

Upon its establishment, the camp consisted of four paddocks that were used for training and drill. These being Bell, Fraser's, Rifle and Thompson's paddocks, with a number of rifle ranges being established there for use by civilian groups and units of the militia. Since then the base facilities have grown as the Army's presence here has grown through its involvement in the two World Wars and beyond.

The base is now a large modern military base (600 hectares in size with on-base tactical training facilities and an auditorium (Monash Centre). The base is home to units of the 7 Combat Brigade, headquarters for 1 Division and 16 Aviation and boasts a "Hop In" situated alongside the AFFCANS Canteen. Gallipoli Barracks has approximately 7,000 ADF Personnel.

Gallipoli Barracks has three RSDS representatives, Senior Representative Major Lauriee Arthur (Officer in Charge), Senior Representative Mark Messenger and Representative Major Robert Mills. Lauriee is responsible for 6 RAR, Mark is responsible for 7 CSSB and Rob is attached to 2/14 Battalion.

“The Sallyman” team (L-R) Robert Mills, Mark Messenger and Lauriee Arthur
@ Camp Growl SWBTA - QLD

Lauriee can be contacted on 0408 688 474 or

Mark can be contacted on 0417 794 883 or by email

Robert can be contacted on 0434 361 061 or


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