Major Garry Johnson

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Senior Representative, Major Garry Johnson

I have been a commissioned Salvation Army officer for 31 years.  I have had 13 years with RSDS and 10 ½ years as a defence member in RAEME, prior to Joining TSA.

I have spent all my RSDS time in Townsville covering 4 Fld Regt, 3 CER, 2 RAR, 1 RAR, 3 BDE 3 CER, WONCO and 5 AVN. My current sponsor unit is 3CSSB.

I was deployed to Timor Leste in 2007 for 6 Months with 1 RAR Battle group, PNG in 2009 nine to walk The Kokoda Track as part of RSDS Team and place Memorial at Goldie Creek, Middle East 2019/20 for 4 Months.

I most enjoy working with defence members and helping them on their faith Journeys.

Garry Johnson and Truck

Please reach out and contact me on 0478 403 388 or at

Garry Johnson