Captain Peer Cathcart

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Captain Peer Cathcart


I was posted to 7RAR in January of 2018 and currently support the Edinburgh defence precinct with a focus on Both 7RAR and WONCO with my wife (Captain Gai Cathcart).

I have been deployed with op bushfire assist on Kangaroo Island and enjoyed being part of the team helping the community to recover the devastation experienced in that time.

In my personal life I have been involved with restoration of vehicles and furniture in some way since I was 15 and get a great deal of satisfaction from spending time with the soldiers and helping them on their toys while teaching them what I can.

This has also been of benefit to the National Military Vehicle Museum in the restoration of an original Vietnam War Sallyman landrover in conjunction with the Boden Brompton school as seen on ABC’s 7.30 report 2019 ANZAC Day.  Click here to watch the clip -

I most enjoy the honest engagement that the role of Sallyman offers on a day to day basis especially when the guys are doing it tough outfield.

I can be contacted on 0438 387 932 or at