Singleton - School of Infantry

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Singleton Lone Pine Barracks – School of Infantry.

In October 1973 the Infantry Centre moved from Ingleburn to Singleton in the Hunter Valley. During early 1994 the title “Infantry Centre” was officially dropped, and the title “School of Infantry” was officially given prominence.

Its organisation includes the School Headquarters and three wings:

  • Rifleman Wing,
  • Tactics Wing, and
  • Soldier Support Wing.

There are also some Special Forces and specialist training units attached to the School as well.

Rifleman Wing conducts Initial Employment Training of new combat infantrymen and is staffed by some of the best officers and NCO’s that the military can provide. These veterans impart what a soldier needs to know from actual combat experience, not just from a field manual. Trainees come to Singleton from Basic Training for 13 weeks of intensive training, before posting to a Battalion elsewhere in the country.

As of December 2015, the RSDS does not have a full time representative at Singleton. If you have any queries, please contact our National Headquarters on (02) 6270 3150.

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