Townsville - Lavarack Barracks

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Home to 3rd Brigade, The Army’s Rapid Response Brigade

The Barracks is situated under Mount Stuart, on the southwest edge of Townsville; it was originally formed in 1914, and reformed in 1967 for Vietnam. Named after Lieut General Sir John Lavarack, an Australian Artillery officer, who served in both WWI and WWII. From 1946 till his death in 1957, Sir John Lavarack served as the first Qld Born Governor of Queensland.

It is the home to 3 infantry battalions 1, 2 & 3 RAR, as well as home to Engineers, Artillery, Cavalry, Signal and CSS Battalions. With almost 7,000 troops it is the largest Brigade in the Australian Army.

It is in a constant state of readiness as the first responding Brigade whenever the Government sends troops overseas.

Also located in Townsville is 5th Aviation with Blackhawks and Chinook Helicopters.

10FSB at Ross Island Barracks and Lavarack Barracks who operate amphibious and heavy-lift equipment.

It is also home to 11 Brigade, headquarters for all Qld Reserve units.


The Townsville Team

Lavarack Barracks has four RSDS representatives, Senior Representative Major Nigel Roden (Officer in Charge), Senior Representative Major Penni Roden, Territorial Envoy Greg Curnow and Senior Representative Major Garry Johnson.  Nigel is responsible for 1RAR, Penni is responsible for 3CER, Greg is responsible for 3RAR and Garry is attached to 3CSSB.

Terr Envoy Greg Curnow, Major Garry Johnson, Major Nigel Roden and Major Penni Roden


Nigel can be contacted on 0407 042 477 or

Penni can be contacted on 0434 751 064 or


Territorial Envoy Greg Curnow (3RAR) 

Greg can be contacted on 0419 745 654 or


Senior Representative, Major Garry Johnson (3CSSB)

Garry can be contacted on 0478 403 388 or


The Representatives in Townsville are involved with both Corps in Townsville, being part of a variety of ministries including Manly Music, Oasis Youth Services, Recovery Centre and Emergency Services.

If you would like to donate funds to Red Shield Defence Services, Townsville, please direct deposit to the following account:

BSB 833-205

Account 20531852

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