Auxiliary Lieutenant Vaughan Agnew

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Aux. Lt. Vaughan Agnew

I joined the Army in 2002 as a soldier and have been connected with RSDS since then, deciding to become a "Sallyman" in 2018.  I was commissioned as a Salvation Army officer in the same year, and have worked with 1st ARMD Reg who is my current sponsor unit, but I have also served with 1BDE and 3BDE during major excercises.

Vaughan Agnew

I have been deployed on OPP NTH QLD flood assist in 2018. BUSH Fire Assist (SA) in 2019 and helped out in various ways with COVID- 19 Assist since 2020.  

Being an RSDS Sallyman is one of the best roles I have ever had in my short 39 years.  Two of the longest ever jobs I have had in my working life have been; Soldier in ADF (4.5 years) and now Sallyman (4 years in Jan22).   I enjoy just spending time hanging out with the soldiers.  It doesnt matter if its on base, or out in the field.  To be able to do life with the soldiers on a daliy basis…that's what makes me happy and I feel alive.

Vaughan Agnew

Feel free to make contact with me on 0417 553 471 or at