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Families Unit

The Families Unit is a support service covering the DHS West Division that relocates and accommodates families living in rooming houses and works to accommodate families at risk of moving into rooming houses.

The aim is to assist families with complex support needs to break the cycle of homelessness and find appropriate long-term housing.

The Families Unit brings together three programs:

  • Accommodation Options for Families (AOF)
  • Additional Support for Families (ASF)
  • Support for Families at Risk (SFaR)

Accommodation Options for Families (AOF)

The AOF program is focused on assisting families living in rooming houses or those at risk of being accommodated in rooming houses.

Additional Support for Families (ASF)

The ASF program works with families who have been involved with the AOF program and have intensive long term support needs.

Support for Families at Risk (SFaR)

The SFaR program assists families in Public Housing, Community Housing and in Private Rental tenancies to establish and/or maintain housing that may otherwise be at risk of breakdown.