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Case Study 1

SYNC Case Study Mary and John

January 2017, Mary and John both 23 years old, in a defacto relationship, presented for housing support at SASHS. Mary‘s biological father left her mother before she was born. Growing up, Mary remembers Jack, her mother’s partner, as a father figure and her two siblings, Jack’s biological children. Mary remembers growing up in a very toxic household where her and her siblings were subjected to family violence and ongoing substance use by her mother and stepfather. When Jack left, Mary her mother and siblings moved in with paternal grandmother at her private rental property. Later Mary and John moved into a rundown caravan at the back of grandmother’s rental property. Mary’s mother suffered from mental health issues and often, while under the influence of substances she would physically and emotionally abuse Mary and cause damage to the caravan. During the last incident the caravan was damaged to the extreme that it was unliveable. John’s family were unable to support them, due to ill health and overcrowding. This resulted in Mary and John were sleeping in the car.

When Mary attended for her initial appointment she presented extremely emotional and often broke down crying while relating their situation. Mary informed that she was in her third year apprenticeship with NISSAN and John was employed as a carpenter on low income and paying off a loan on his car. 

After two nominations for a transitional property, Mary and John were successful in securing a 6 months transitional property.

Whilst residing in the transitional property Mary and John’s support worker assisted them to complete a support plan to address their budgeting, counselling, loss and grief issues, living skills, and relationship concerns.

Within four months into their tenancy, Mary and John had a breakup in their relationship; mediation was provided to the couple who decided to remain together.

A few months later they were approved for an affordable private rental property in their preferred area. They were assisted with $2,400 Brokerage funds to settle into their private rental property. Both Mary and John were very appreciative with the support they received from SASHS.