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Case Study 4

IA&P Case Study Snapshot

Carlo, a 63yo, presented to the office in housing crisis on the recommendation of his job seeking agency. Carlo was dismissed from his full time job as a kitchen hand and was evicted from his rental property due to arrears. Carlo lived in a hostel for 3 months but left due to the co-tenants drug and alcohol issues and unsuitable conditions. Carlo then became itinerant,with a two month history of homelessness, squatting in vacant buildings and trains. Carlo’s had a debt with Centrelink that reduced his fortnightly benefit payment. Carlo attended the service requesting assistance with a few nights accommodation so that he could “get a good nights rest” before job interviews.

IA& P assisted Carlo by providing him with food vouchers and a personal hygiene pack. IA&P assisted with short term hostel accommodation and referred Carlo to a service that would assist him to secure affordable long term accommodation. IA&P discussed public housing, community housing and THM accommodation options with Carlo. A referral was written for a council owned 1 bedroom unit (65+ years) and an appointment scheduled with the council housing worker. Met tickets were provided so Carlo could attend the appointment.

Carlo was assessed as eligible for the vacancy and was offered the rental. In the interim, the IA&P worker organised crisis accommodation for the weekend until the following Monday. As Carlo had no furniture, the council gave up the first two weeks rent so Carlo could purchase some furnishings for his new home. Carlo has since moved into the council property and is very happy with his new home and his new community.