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Network History

The Salvation Army has been providing accommodation for people in need for over 100 years. The Salvation Army remains in the forefront of meeting the need of the most marginalised people in our community, with much of the focus on accommodating people who are unable to be heard or who find difficulty in securing sustainable housing in an ever changing and challenging environment.

The Salvation Army Social Housing & Support (SASHS) Network was established in 1997 as a Transitional Housing Provider in what is now the Western Division of the Department of Human Services. Since the inception of SASHS, there has been significant growth in the nature of the services provided by the Network.In recent years, SASHS has moved from being an agency primarily focused on housing information, referral and tenancy management to one providing a more holistic approach to community housing needs.

Who we are

SASHS is the Access Point for delivering homelessness services in the Local Government Areas (LGA’s) of Brimbank and Melton, assessing the needs of people who are homeless or at risk, before referring them to appropriate housing or support services. It is also the agency contracted by the Victorian Office of Housing as the Transitional Housing Manager for the region, managing a significant number of properties which house people who are homeless and in need of stable accommodation.

SASHS also provide support to people in need of assistance to stabilise their housing or to enter the private rental market. SASHS Community Housing program works  with people who are able to maintain independent living within a rooming house or long-term housing option.

SASHS can assist people who:

  • Who are in housing crisis
  • Who are looking for help to access the private rental market
  • Who may be experiencing difficulty with the Landlord
  • Who are eligible for a social housing tenancy
  • Who need relational support and community reintegration

SASHS can also make referrals to:

  •  Government and community agencies/services
  •  A broad range of support services
  •  Appropriate tenancy advice services

 We can assist you to negotiate with the following:

  • The Office of Housing and other agencies
  •  Property owners or real estate agents
  •  Utility providers such as gas, telephone and electricity
  • Centrelink