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The latest sermon podcasts from The Salvation Army - Parramatta.

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Reconciliation - Major Grant Sandercock-Brown

16 November 2020

For NAIDOC Week, Major Grant Sandercock-Brown speaks on Reconciliation and a passage from Ephesians 2 from Granville on Sunday 8th November 2020

We Value: Connecting with our Multi-Cultural Context - Jayne Combremont

8 November 2020

In the fifth and final of the "Core Value" series, Youth Paster Jayne Combremont speaks about connecting with our Multi-Cultural Context from Granville on Sunday 1st November 2020

We Value: Flexibility and Willingness to Adapt - Cadet Sarah Walker

8 November 2020

The the fourth of the "Core Value" series, Cadet Sarah Walker speaks on Flexibility and the Willingness to Adapt from Granville on Sunday 25th October 2020

We Value: Intentionally Creating Community - Major Kylie Collinson

24 October 2020

In the third of the "Core Value" series, guest preacher and newly appointed Corps Officer of Parramatta (as of January 2021) Major Kylie Collinson speaks about Intentionally creating Community from Granville on Sunday 18th October 2020

We Value: Intergenerational Ministry - Cadet Sarah Walker

24 October 2020

In the second of the "Core Value" series, Cadet Sarah Walker speaks on Intergenerational Ministry from Granville on Sunday 11th October 2020

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