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COVID-19 Information

Last Updated: 4th June 2020

The Government has now raised the number of people able to attend worship subject to distancing guidelines. However, for us in the short term there will be no change. The size of Granville’s main hall is not adequate for us to fully return yet. Worship will remain online at 9.30am. Headquarters have also outlined some strict conditions around cleaning, sanitizing, and provision for guests that will need to be adhered to when that occurs.

Our building on Church Street is looking good! Drive past some time and check it out. However, there have been some rain delays which will probably push the completion date for the project back a few days. We’ll let you know when this is confirmed. We’ll keep posting videos and pictures when we can so you can see its progress.

As we come to the end of the property project we will be relocating the office from Shop 1 to a temporary space in shop 2 to enable Reitsma to strip out and repair shop 1. This will happen this month and we have started to pack up the office in readiness.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Red Shield Appeal. We appreciate everyone who took up the challenge to be an online Fundraiser. So far we have raised over $10,000. This is a great effort for our first attempt at collecting this way. There is still time to join in or donate.

If you have been watching the news, you will know that the Coronavirus is no longer the only source of concern. It is timely to consider how we ‘work for justice’ and to learn more about what that means for each one of us. Let’s look to Jesus to better understand how we can be people of justice bringing peace and righteousness into the world.

Keep praying. Keep safe.
Sharon & Grant

Welcome to Parramatta Salvation Army

Parramatta Salvos is a Christian Church in Parramatta. We seek to make Jesus known to all people, all nations, and all generations.

Our faith convinces us that hope, purpose, and fulfillment can be everyone’s story. Whether you’re looking for connection, guidance or a community of like-minded people, we are here to welcome you.


During this season of COVID-19, out ministries can be found at the following locations:

Shop 2/426 Church Street, Parramatta

  • Salvos Connect Site
  • Moneycare
  • Church Administration Office