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What is a Life Group?
A Life Group is a small group of 5-10 people who meet regularly and intentionally, focusing on discipleship - following Jesus together. At Parramatta Salvos, we believe Life Groups are a place to CONNECT where everyone can find support and belonging. Life Groups also provide space to GROW - both in relationship with God and in our relationships with each other. Life Groups are also places we can SERVE, both by serving those within our groups and joining together with our groups to serve in bigger ways across our communities.

Why Life Groups?
Discipleship is the most important part of church life. We are all called to follow Jesus, and while worship helps us to focus on God and bring glory to Him, there is more to discipleship than Sundays. Real life change happens in the context of authentic relationships, as we meet intentionally to share life, study scripture, pray with each other and serve together.

Who are Life Groups for?
EVERYONE! We want to encourage everyone High School age and above to connect with a Life Group. Our team will work with Hosts and individuals over the coming weeks as we try to link people up with a group. As groups grow, they will split and multiply. As new people join our church community, new groups will form. No matter where we are at in our faith journey, we must be intentional about growing in discipleship.

How do Life Groups work?
Life Groups meet fortnightly for approximately 1.5hrs. Each group may look a little different - some may meet in a home, a coffee shop, at church or online via Zoom. Groups can be provided material from our Life Group coordinator to work through. At times we'll participate in a whole church' study together, and at other times groups might choose to take a look at their own studies.

However, the content isn't the main thing. The focus is gathering together and sharing life together - discovering more of who Jesus is and how His life applies to our own.

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