Kids Activities

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The Salvation Army Parramatta has a wide variety of kids activities held all throughout the week.


FAMILY ROOM: We have a quiet space for parents and kids to use as needed during church. There is comfortable seating, toys for your kids, and a kitchenette with all the essentials.

MINI GOD SQUAD: Kids aged 3-7 years are invited to take part in this age-appropriate kids program. Children have the opportunity to learn about Jesus through fun activities, songs, bible stories and craft each week. This program runs during our 9:30am church service, during school terms.

KIDS CHURCH: This is a great program for all the ‘big kids’ aged 7-12 years, Kids Church is for everyone! We use a great discipleship program called ‘Junior Soldiers’. Children get to learn much more about being a disciple of Jesus and the Salvation Army through fun activities, praise and worship songs, the Bible and games each week. This program runs during our 9:30am church service, during school terms.

JUNIOR SOLDIER PREPERATION CLASSES: This is a learning and development program for children aged between 7-8 years which takes the children through a preparation course over approx. 6 weeks, before they are invited to be enrolled as Junior Soldiers in the Salvation Army. This is not a compulsory program. This also runs during our Sunday Morning Worship Service when required.


For more information on activities for children and youth, contact our office.