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Fresh Start Seminar

18 June 2010 - 19 June 2010

Location: Parramatta Function Centre

Fresh Start is for people going through the trauma of separation and divorce. The aim is to provide coping strategies and teaching that will give an individual ways to grow through their pain and loss. This happens in a non-threatening and caring atmosphere. Participants are encouraged to seek purpose and meaning in their lives through a personal relationship with God.

Another aspect of ‘Fresh Start' is to help pastors and other care workers understand the needs and grief of the separated and divorced.

This seminar begins on a Friday evening then continues all day Saturday and Sunday. There are lectures, plus small group discussions with trained facilitators and times of informal conversation.

Key presentations cover the following topics:

  • Stages Recovery
  • Re-entry - Life as a Single
  • Breaking the Destructive Family Pattern
  • Beginning Again - Biblical Insights for the Divorced
  • Working Through Bitterness - Learning to Forgive.

Electives include: (subject to change)

  • A Fresh Look at Your Finances
  • Becoming More Assertive

Next Scheduled Seminar:

  • When:  18-19 June, 2010
  • Venue: The Salvation Army, Parramatta. Function Centre
  • Contact:  For details or to register please contact Margaret Poore on (02) 9635 6870