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Wellsprings of hope

21st January | 0 Comments

Take a look at the 2018 SAID annual report and read how clean water and new toilets has changed the lives of children and teachers in a Kenyan school. Your support means that these children now have a...
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Community Empowerment Haiti

17th December | 0 Comments

A GENERATION RISKS ILLITERACY Haiti has one of the worst, least regulated education systems in the world. Only 85.4 per cent of Haitian children are enrolled and just 61 per cent of adults are literat...
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Community Empowerment India

10th December | 0 Comments

FROM NON-PERSON TO OFFICIAL RECOGNITION Imagine if you moved to a new state and then the government denied your existence. No healthcare, no education, no voting rights, no government services at all....
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Turning A Little Into A Life

3rd December | 0 Comments

We take a lot for granted in Australia. One of those things is the ability to access credit and loans in order to generate income. In developing countries, people often face many barriers to accessing...
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Meet Daw Shwe Lone

26th November | 0 Comments

A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY After Daw Shwe Lone was widowed, she remarried a much older man in poor health and became sole breadwinner for the couple and their young son. They had no home of their own, s...
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Meet Kyengo

19th November | 0 Comments

WATER EXPEDITES EDUCATION Schools change lives, but children have to attend to absorb the knowledge. In Africa, pupils often miss school because they spend long hours transporting water for their fami...
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Meet Samita

12th November | 0 Comments

A WHOLE NEW LIFE Human trafficking is increasing, and young women in Nepal are particularly vulnerable* – lack of formal education, training and job opportunities make them more likely to accep...
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Spring Newsletter 2018

15th October | 0 Comments

KENYA Water - The Source of Health and Hope In 1998, a possible contamination of Sydney’s drinking water caused widespread alarm and three million people were advised to boil their drinking wat...
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Autumn Newsletter 2018 Nepal

28th May | 0 Comments

MEET SAPANA “Untouchable” to unstoppable  Sapana Ghantani is a Dalit woman – an “untouchable” member of the lowest caste in Nepal’s traditional social or...
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Driving success

24th April | 0 Comments

When Ishtiaq saw a need in his community, he approached his local Salvation Army corps (church) for support.  “There was no driver in this community before,” he says of his small ru...
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