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We know you’re committed to promoting holistic and sustainable community development. And that’s why you’ll love Salvos Gifts – a simple, yet effective way to support the international work of The Salvation Army.

Salvos Gifts contribute to real items, activities and programs that give hope to vulnerable communities overseas – and joy to someone you love.

You can buy a gift online. Alternatively, call 02 9466 3105 to place an order over the phone or request a copy of the gift catalogue to order via post.

Yes. Whether you purchase online, over the phone or via post you have two options:

  1. Order a generic Salvos Gifts card to be mailed to you so you can add a personal message before giving the card to your loved one. Allow two weeks for delivery.
  2. Print your own. Gift cards specific to your chosen gifts are attached with your tax receipt. Make sure you supply your email address otherwise you won’t receive your cards! Great for last-minute purchases.

Yes. All Salvos Gifts contribute to our tax-deductible development projects. Donations to these projects of $2 or more are tax-deductible. 

Every item purchased through Salvos Gifts empowers communities to lift themselves out of poverty. We take a holistic approach to poverty and development, considering the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people, as well as the continuing involvement of women and men, girls and boys.

Each Salvos Gift contains life-changing possibilities such as sustainable livelihoods, improved health and purposeful education. Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Salvos Gifts fund programs that work towards the alleviation of poverty in developing communities. Learn more about The Salvation Army International Development projects in 14 developing countries.

The cost to implement each project varies. Therefore, donations may be used to fund projects of a similar nature, should a purchase area be fully funded. This ensures the needs of the communities we support are met. 


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