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Meet the Leaders

ONEighty Youth Leaders

Our leaders are passionate about Youth and seeing them come to Jesus and come alongside them in their discipleship journey.


Our amazing youth leaders go above and beyond for our youth group and we are extremely blessed to have them!

Anastasia Sims

Youth Pastor - LG (Yr 10 - 12)

Anastasia Sims is the ONEighty Youth Pastor

Career/Study - Youth Pastor / Kingsgrove Sports PA / Studying Physical Education at UOW.

Fav Food: Poke Bowls From Cronulla (Only at Cronulla).

Fav movie: Me before You

1 John 4:18

Mitch Cugley

Youth Leader

Mitch Cugley

Study/Career - Full-Time Carpenter, Studying Builders

Fav Food - Pulled Pork Burgers

Fav Movie/Tv Show - Fast and Furious

Hannah Robinson

Youth Leader - Girls Yr 6 - 8

Hannah Robinson

Study/Career - Studying Social Justice / Sociology at Notre Dame.

Fav Food: Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

Fav movie/tv show: Friends

Psalm 116:7-9

Jacob Browning

Youth Leader - Boys - 6 - 8

Jacob Browning

Study/Career - Studying Primary Education

Fav Food: Cheesy beef burger

Fav movie/tv show: Brooklyn 99

Ephesians 3:12

Josh Briggs

Youth Leader

Josh Briggs

Study/Career - Full-Time Electrician

Fav Food: Fish Wraps

Fav movie/tv show: Don't watch anything

Psalm 55:22

Elyse Cugley

Youth Leader - Girl Yr 9

Elyse Cugley

Study/Career - Full-Time Pre-school Teacher

Fav Movie/Tv Show - 10 things I hate about you (I have so many favesss)

Fav Food - Chicken nuggets and Bacon

Psalm 37:4 

Rebecca Good

Youth Leader

Rebecca Good

Study/Career - Studying Music at Western University

Fav Food: Choc-Raspberry Brownies

Fav movie: She's the Man

1 Samuel 16:7

Kieran Williams

Youth Leader

Kieran Williams

Study/Career - Studying Music at Sydney Conservatorium of Music (USYD)

Fav Food: Hawaiian Pizza

Fav Movie/Tv Show: Avatar The Last Airbender

Proverbs 10:12

Mikey Rolfe

Mikey Rolfe

Study/Career -Full-Time Electrian 

Fav Food - Satay chicken

Fav Movie/Tv Show - Fast and furious

2 Timothy 3:17


Fortnightly youth group at Menai Salvo's. Keen to see all of you!! All glory to God!

Look for our calendar below.



Bec (Yr 6 - 7 Girls)

Hannah (Yr 8 + 9 Girls)

Elyse (Yr 10 girls)

Stasia (Yr 11 + 12 Girls)

JBrowning (Yr 6-9 Boys)

Joel (Yr 10 + Boys)

ONEighty Calendar

This is where you can find out what exciting this we have planned for the rest of the year! Check out our calendar, we would love to see you there!!



The ONEighty Times

ONEighty Youth do a a newsletter every month called the ONEighty times! We would love for you to check it out!! It's a great way to stay updated....