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Do you have hope?

In a world that is broken, we all need hope. Whether you are facing a relationship that is out of control or financial difficulty, an addiction or suffering from lonliness or something else that leaves you feeling hopeless we are here to tell you there is hope - his name is Jesus.

Have you ever thought "things aren't as they should be?" This broken world wasn't what God originally designed. We try all sorts of things to escape this broken world, whether that's substances, entertainment, family or even being a good person but we find ourselves still in this broken world. The world God designed was perfection, where everything works as it should but humanity's bad choices led to the broken world we now live in.

God sends hope

In what looked like a helpless situation, God sent Jesus to be our hope. Through Jesus, God overcame the result of our bad choices and enabled us to connect to God through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Jesus is the ultimate hope

What Jesus did opened the way for you and I to experneice in this broken world glimpses of what God originally designed and there will be a day when all things will be renewed and things will ultimately be as they were meant to be.

You can have this hope

Right now you can have this hope. All you need to do is surrender your life to Jesus and find your hope in him.


Dear Jesus, I need you and believe in you as the ultimate hope. I am a sinner and need your grace to forgive and change me. Thank you for dying on the cross for me, and for giving me life and eternity.

Now I am a Christian, which means you live in me. Fill me with your holy spirit and give me the strength to obey you and be your disciple.


If you prayed this prayer, you now have the eternal hope that is found in Jesus.

Please let us know if you prayed this prayer and we can help you in the next steps as a a disciple of Jesus.

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