Who We Help


Oasis work with a variety of different young people from marginalised and disadvantaged backgrounds aged 16-25 years.

Many of the young people who access Oasis services have experienced trauma, may be experiencing homelessness, are financially disadvantaged, suffering long-term unemployment, and may be working through a variety of social issues including mental illness and drug or alcohol dependencies.

These young people are often in a state of crisis and having exhausted all other options, a significant number end up sleeping rough, couch surfing or in unstable and unsafe living arrangements. They have often grown up in unpredictable and unsafe environments with minimal guidance or support.

We provide a safe place for young people to express themselves and build healthy, consistent and safe relationships. Our approach is holistic by design and inclusive by nature. We do not discriminate. We aim to work alongside our young people to develop safe and long-term coping strategies that will assist them into adulthood.


Average age is 21 years and 14% identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.  Many young people do not feel comfortable revealing certain information about themselves, including their indigenous heritage, so these figures are indicative only and likely higher.

Statistics are based on Jul 2013 – June 2014 recorded figures.