Fundraising Ideas


The Couch Project

The Couch Project is an initiative that aims to raise awareness of “couch surfing” as a form of homelessness amongst youth. Young people who are ‘couch surfing’ are often in the first stage of homelessness, a fact not commonly understood as they are invisible to society.

When a home is no longer safe, a friend’s couch is the next logical step, but this is usually only temporary.  Forced to move on, many young people run significant risk of sleeping rough or in the company of strangers. Neither option is safe or sustainable.

All funds raised as part of The Couch Project go to supporting accommodation services for young people seeking refuge at Oasis.

A little can go a very long way….

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There are so many ways that you can get involved as an individual, class or school

  • Host an event and get sponsored
  • Ask your parents or school to match your fundraising efforts
  • Reach out to other schools in your area and compete through fundraising
  • Set up a red couch at your school assembly or sports carnival and auction off the right to sit on it
  • Participate in community fun runs and raise money for Oasis

Think about your school culture, the sporting, academic and musical events that you already do and discuss how to add a little fundraising flair to it.

You can be as creative as you like, but always seek permission from your teachers and school first.

Other fundraising ideas

You can fundraise and get involved with Oasis at any time of the year.

You can support Oasis by doing something your school or class already does in return for a gold coin donation or come up with something new!

This could involve:

  • Selling cupcakes at your sports carnival or fete
  • Hosting a themed “Mufty Day”
  • Running a competition or sausage sizzle
  • Hold a competition to guess how many smarties or jelly beans are in the jar
  • Host a concert for your family and local community – this could be a caroling at Christmas, a talent show or play?
  • Have a blow up pool toy race at your annual swimming carnival for the teachers

To find out more about other fundraising events at Oasis, please click here