Business Partnerships

Business Partnerships

There are a number of ways that corporate organisations can partner with us. Whether it be a marketing-led collaboration to build brand equity, aligning with your organisation’s social responsibility goals or driving cultural change within your business, Oasis is committed to developing relationships that are mutually-beneficial.

Contact our team today and we can work with you to tailor a partnership to meet your needs. Email us at or phone 02 9331 2266.

Benefits and opportunities for your business

We understand the value of aligning your business goals and/or CSR strategy with the right organisation or program. Consumers now have a higher expectation of companies and brands, so the right partnership or sponsorship has the potential to elevate your brand and demonstrate a commitment to building strong employee engagement.

  • 83% of employees would rather work for a company that supports charities and 48% would seek out one*
  • 66% of consumers would choose a brand that promotes its support of a charity over one that does not **
  • In the last year, 23% of consumers had switched due to a brand’s support of a cause **

Other benefits include:

  • The opportunity to build a strategic partnership that will actively support disadvantaged and homeless youth while delivering on your business, brand, and community objectives.
  • Scope to develop successful cause-related marketing initiatives that have the potential to stimulate sales; grow market share and positively impact your bottom-line.
  • Program specific sponsorship opportunities that will enable better brand alignment – we have 25 different programs and services to consider
  • Public demonstration of your organisation’s commitment to important social issues, such as youth homelessness, education and Indigenous communities.
  • Positive media and PR coverage will increase your brand equity, deliver on your corporate social responsibility objectives and cut through marketing clutter by a demonstrating a point of difference
  • A demonstrated commitment to improving employee engagement, staff morale and the general health and well-being of your team. Your organisation can see and experience the outcomes of your charity investment.
  • Exposure across a range of Oasis owned channels throughout the commitment period.

Oasis understands the requirements surrounding your charitable investment are unique and that the contribution you make must be meaningful to your stakeholders, staff, customers and broader community.

We welcome organisations of all sizes that are empathetic to the plight of disadvantaged youth and the issues surrounding youth homelessness as much as to commercial success.

*PassionPeople, Cavill + Co, 2004

**Real Not Spiel, Sweeney/Cavill + Co, 2008.

In-Kind Support

In-kind support can be a useful model for businesses who are not necessarily in a position to make direct monetary donations, but would still like to make a contribution. It relies on the giving of gifts “in-kind”, or in lieu of monetary donations and funding, and often plays to the strengths of a business and what it can most conveniently do to help.

Examples of in-kind gifts include:

  • Goods, like computers, software, furniture, and office equipment
  • Services, like meeting space, printing, driving and administrative/financial support
  • Expertise, like legal, graphic design, landscaping or business advice; marketing and web site development; and strategic planning

 If you have the time, infrastructure and expertise to help Oasis, please email us at or phone 02 9331 2266.