Oasis welcomes donations of new clothing, food and personal items. These things are often necessary when setting up a young person in independent housing for the first time.

What can I donate?

  • Toiletries – toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, shower gel or soap etc
  • Laundry – detergent, stain remover, fabric softener, clothes pegs etc
  • New Clothing – socks, underwear, jeans, warm jumpers, tops, shoes (various sizes) etc
  • Food – biscuits, long life milk, tea, coffee, sugar, Vegemite, salt and pepper, cereal, pasta, etc
  • Sleeping – (new) linen -single and king single sheet sets, sleeping bags, swags, blankets etc
  • Winter and wet weather gear – beanies, jackets, rain coats, umbrellas, thermals etc

What can’t I donate?

Unfortunately, at the end of April 2015 we closed the Oasis Op-Shop in Kingsford. This was a very sad and difficult decision for us as it was far more than just an Op Shop. It was a place of warmth and support for many in the community where people could go for prayer, welfare, support or just a chat.

As a result, our capacity to accept certain donations has changed. We no longer accept used clothing or footwear as we do not have the space to store and resource the distribution of these items. For larger household items, we recommend that you contact us directly to determine whether there is need for that particular item. If not, we can put you in touch with other services that may be able to find a use for them.

If you would like to donate used items, we would recommend reaching out to your nearest Salvos Store for help.  Please bear in mind that it costs The Salvation Army millions of dollars each year to dispose of un-sellable items. Please don’t donate anything that is broken, damaged, torn, ripped, stained or in anyway faulty.

As a simple rule, if there’s something wrong with it then we do not feel comfortable passing this onto another person.

Please note that in some instances, because of government regulations, we are unable to accept white goods/electrical items and mattresses even if these things are in perfect condition. Contact us or your nearest Salvos Store if you are unsure.

Other options to contribute

Christmas can be an incredibly difficult time for many of the young people, so it is important that we make them feel as special as possible at this time. We collect items that get packed into hampers toward the end of November.

If you would like to donate something or find out how you can bring a little Christmas cheer, please contact us directly at