Corporate Volunteering

Corporate Volunteering

Oasis is incredibly grateful for the support of corporate volunteers and values the contributions made to our organisation.

Corporate volunteering is a great way for businesses to engage with staff, clients and suppliers and make a tangible difference by sharing their skills, knowledge and time.

Every year hundreds of volunteers have helped us raise money, cook meals, participate in maintenance days, pack candle bags or provide in-kind support.

There are many reasons to get involved with corporate volunteering:

  • Develop strong team dynamics and improve staff motivation and morale
  • Increased company pride and loyalty by staff
  • Provide personal and corporate development opportunities for staff
  • Heightened and positive recognition by customers and consumers of your contributions to the community
  • A more positive corporate image
  • Promote a sense of community within your organisation by engaging clients and suppliers
  • Providing a cost-effective strategy to help reduce employee absenteeism and improve recruitment and retention.
  • New business opportunities
  • Help build individuals’ confidence and self-esteem

It is becoming more common for companies to encourage employees to volunteer and support a cause to help the wider community, especially in Australia.

Candle bag packing ( see General Volunteering for details) is probably one of our most popular for corporate groups as it allows for large numbers of people to participate at the one time. Most of our other volunteering roles are more appropriate for smaller groups.

Many of the volunteering roles are the same as those listed under General Volunteering, however, if you are looking to sponsor a particular program or interested in skilled volunteering roles, we will endeavour to work with you directly to determine the best opportunity.

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