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Jeffrey Clarke (Songster Leader)

Name: Jeffrey Clarke
Family: Christine (wife)
Employment: Head of Performing Arts 
Interests: Listening to songster music, playing piano, working out at the gym, gardening, timbrels
Corps: Ringwood (VIC)
Commenced with MSS: February 2019 - Appointed Songster Leader (1.1.21)
Corps Activities: Vocal Praise, Worship Team, lead the occasional timbrel display
Favourite Food: Christine’s roast, Mum’s Melting Moments, dark chocolate
Favourite Composer(s): Andrew Lloyd Webber, Vivaldi, Mussorgsky
Favourite Vocal Piece: Shine On Us, Why I Love Jesus (Ray Steadman-Allen), Bow the Knee - I could go on forever!
Favourite Scripture Verse: Jeremiah 29:11; Psalm 47:1
Highlights of MSS: Visit to Singapore & Myanmar (especially when out of my comfort zone)
As a Christian being in the MSS means? Sharing my faith journey with a life group who also wish to share the message of Christ through the powerful medium of song. This message can reach the vulnerable and marginalised, changing lives.