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Our Small Grants Program is happening again - with grants up to $3000 available for community initiatives. Scroll down for more info and get your thinking caps on because...

Our Small Grants Kid's Think Tank will be making the decisions on the grants.

Who is the Small Grants Kid's Think Tank? Well, thanks for asking.... 

CfC is looking for EOI from students in grades 3-7 from the Brighton, Derwent Valley, Central Highlands and Southern Midlands Council areas to pop their hands up and have their say on what they think the Small Grant funding money should be spent on - by joining our CfC Small Grant Kid's Think Tank!!! (We've said 250 words - but if you want a send us a video - we are down with that!)

EXCITING right? Kids Think Tank aplications can be completed here. Download information brochure here.  If you need a paper version of the Kids Think Tank application download it here and email it back to us.  



Communities for Children are working on a quick service mapping exercise to capture what is happening in the Southern Midlands, Upper Derwent Valley/Central Highlands, Brighton, Derwent Valley areas and surrounds now that we are coming out of the first round of Covid19 (and hopefully not into a second).

Why are we doing this?

  • To get this information in a usable format up on our website for families, communities and agencies to use and plug in for support when they need it
  • To do some quick gap analysis work for future planning/funding allocations
  • To make sure we aren’t duplicating services (and overworking ourselves)
  • Because Covid changed everything!

Who should fill in this super spreadsheet?

  • Anyone delivering community services to the areas listed above please. We would like this be a comprehensive community services map that anyone can use.

What will happen with this information?

  • Once you’ve emailed this back to us we’ll collate it all and get it onto our website, where we can all view it, link it to our socials, and get this up-to-date information circulated.
  • You’ll be able to download it anytime you want.
  • If you already have a Service Map you are happy to share, that would be fabulous – we’ll make sure it is shared and you are credited or we can collate your information into our document if that is better for you.

Download here