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What Magpie Nest housing offers

Magpie Nest Housing is a partnership between Melbourne Project 614 and the Collingwood Football Club Foundation. It provides stable and affordable accommodation in a clean and safe environment, where tenants are involved in volunteering in other programs at Melbourne Project 614 and attends regular house meetings and individual catch-ups.

There are currently around 42 three bedroom houses in Magpie Nest, and 94 adults and 24 children who were homeless or at risk of homelessness are now accommodated.

It is housing that is embedded in local communities and connected to the program with a range of supports that enable residents to access free legal assistance, education, training, employment, health services and, where necessary, drug and alcohol treatment programs. There is also an emphasis on residents participating in community activities such as sport, arts/cultural programs and volunteering in community service networks.

All new participants have a mental health assessment before entering the program. They are also connected to the local community health centre for general health and well-being support.

Eddy McGuire and Brendan Nottle at Melbourne 614 project

Program Hours


Level 3, 69 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Program Hours

Monday to Friday 7 am–3 pm