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The Couch

The Couch

International students congregate throughout the week at The Couch, based at The Salvation Army Melbourne Project 614’s Hamodava Cafe. The Couch links students to support services, information and creates an environment to socialise, interact and engage with like-minded individuals. The Couch operates from 5pm to 9pm, Monday to Thursday.

What are the benefits of The Couch?

* Provides a safe, non-commercial lounge space for international students in Melbourne
* Allows students to connect with support services and information on a range of issues including housing, employment, counselling, student services, legal aid, and more
* Provides meals to students
* Creates an environment where students can engage, socialise and interact, which will contribute to their positive experience whilst studying in Melbourne.
* Facilitates cultural exchange between local young people and international students though social activities such as footy nights, movie sessions and other activities held within the centre.

For more information please contact;

Peter Hichaaba
Couch Coordinator
Phone: 0451374507