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Youth Street Teams

You may have come across some friendly people in flouro yellow jackets, handing out water, lollipops and thongs (if your feet just can’t take those heels anymore!) You may have had a chat with them, they may have helped you find your mates, hail you a cab or may have given you a lift home?

These volunteers are the guardian angels in the City of Melbourne on Friday and Saturday nights, looking out for you to make sure you have a fun and safe night in the City.

Don’t remember what happened and you think the Salvos volunteers might have helped you out? drop us an email lauren.cockerell@aus.salvationarmy.org and we will try & fill you in.

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Going a little overboard lately or finding things a bit tough and wanna chat to someone?

Why don’t you visit your local doctor and get them to suggest a good counsellor?

Your doctor is a key contact for concerns about your mental, emotional and physical health.  Speaking as openly and honestly as possible to your doctor will allow them to provide you with the appropriate support to get through difficult times.  They also have a good knowledge of local services, and will be able to refer you to other professionals if necessary. 


If you are in need of immediate help (or just not comfortable going to your doctor), there are many support services available 24hours a day, 7 days a week to help you -

Direct Line (24hr Alcohol & Drug Counselling, Information and Referral line)
Ph: 1800 888 236      www.counsellingonline.org.au 

If you or someone you care about has an alcohol or drug problem you can talk to professional counsellors who are experienced in alcohol and drug-related matters. DirectLine is free, anonymous and confidential.


Lifeline Australia (24 hr Crisis Counselling)

Ph: 13 14 14           www.lifeline.org.au

Lifeline provides all Australians (regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation) experiencing a personal crisis with access to online, phone and face-to-face crisis support and suicide prevention services. Find out how these services can help you, a friend or loved one.


Suicide Line (24hr Professional, Anonymous Suicide Counselling and Support)

Ph: 1300 651 251    www.suicideline.org.au

SuicideLine is a free, professional telephone counselling and information service, available 24/7. The counsellors can help you deal with the pain and sadness you may be feeling, keep you safe, and provide you with support and information about where to go for help.  


Experiencing homelessness

- Salvation Army Melbourne 614 - 24/7 Homelessness Program (24hr Crisis Line for emergency accommodation)
            - 1800 COMMUNITY (266 686 489)
- St Kilda Crisis Centre (Crisis Line for emergency accommodation)
            - 1800 627 727


Interested in Volunteering?

As a Youth Street Teams member you will work as part of a team of 20, who split into groups of 4 and head out in the city of Melbourne, on Friday or Saturday nights from 11pm until 5am and connect with vulnerable and intoxicated young people.

Working closely with Victoria Police’s Safe Streets and Transit Teams programs as well as Crown, who call Youth Street Teams when they come across patrons who may have had a few too many drinks, have lost their friends, have no way of getting home or are simply going through a tough time and need support.

(Youth Street Team members are required to be over the age of 18)

For more details contact Lauren Cockerell by email: lauren.cockerell@aus.salvationarmy.org