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Financial Assistance

Do you need Emergency Relief assitance?

If you find yourself in crisis and are in need material or financial assistance, please call the Salvos on 1300 371 288 (9am-5pm Monday to Friday). This phone number will connect you with our Emergency Relief assessment team.

Your situation will be assessed by qualified staff via our centralised phone centre.

Once you have completed your phone assessment our SalvosConnect team will be able to refer you to one of our SalvosConnect community centres. There you will be able to collect your pre-approved material assistance, attend appointments, and connect with local Salvation Army events in your local area.

Our aim is to meet your immediate material needs, whilst working at understanding your situation. We want to assist you with any underlying long-term issues to prevent you from falling deeper into the poverty cycle.

Please note in order to receive emergency relief you will need to first call our assessment team on

1300 371 288 

(9am-5pm Monday to Friday)

as no assessment can be done on-the-spot at our SalvosConnect community centres.

Moneycare Financial Counselling

The Salvation Army's Moneycare service provides free and confidential financial counselling. Moneycare clients come from all walks of life.

We can help if  you are in financial difficulty, in a financial crisis situation or wish to avoid financial difficulties. 

Our financial counsellors analyze and assess your financial situation and give you information about credit and debit issues. They work with you to develop a plan to iimprove your stiuation. 

Moneycare counsellors are available by appointment only. 

Please call- (07) 3075 4130

to make an appointment


Recovery Services

Need help with addiction?

If you or someone you know is in need of help with an addiction issue, The Salvation Army is here to help.

The Salvation Army provides long-term residential treatment facilities, community-based support programs, and Withdrawal Management Services (detox).

For more information call: 

Brisbane Recovery Services Centre (Moonyah)

(07) 3369 0922