Men and Women's Activities

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Quilting Group

Do you enjoy quilting, arts, and crafts? A quilting craft group happens at Balga Salvation Army each Monday - the Jolly Quilters! If you would like to know more about this quilting group and perhaps be involved, please contact the office for more details.

Mondays 9:30am – 2:30pm


Community Garden

Our community garden, located behind the Child Health Services building opposite the church, is the perfect place for quiet contemplation or for getting your hands dirty. Come and meet other like-minded gardeners and share your experiences and gardening tips and tricks. 

Mondays 3.30pm. 

Doorways cafe

Fancy a coffee? 

Drop into our community cafe and services program, Doorways, run by the lovely volunteers and Salvation Army staff @SalvosBalga. We can't promise fancy swirly patterns on top of your coffee, but we can promise good conversation and help when you need it most. 

Open from 9.30am weekdays. 

Other services we offer

Throughout the year, Salvos Balga offers many different workshops, lessons, activities and other helpful events to support those in need. 

The following services are currently available - please contact our office for updated information, or check out our Facebook page: 

- Free English Language lessons, using the bible (Fridays 9.30am to 12pm)

- Oz Harvest (Thursdays 1.30 pm/2 pm, call early for more information)

- Grocery store (weekday mornings, please call for more information) 

For a full list of community services the Salvation Army offers, please click here