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Children's Ministry Programs

Here at the Balga Salvation Army we understand the importance of social, mental, emotional and spiritual growth in young children. We know that as parents you desire to see your children become connected with other children their age as well as express themselves in a safe environment. As a church community, we appreciate this and have created a diverse range of programs for children starting from birth to young adults, where your children can participate in a large range of activities that help nurture their growing minds. Each of our programs has a dedicated team of leaders who have a passion for children’s ministries and wish to see young children grow in all aspects of their lives.

Early Learning Centre

The Early Learning Centre offers 50 long-day childcare placements for children 0–6 years. The service has a 3-year accreditation and is supported by qualified and non-qualified staff. The service does offer respite care when required. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 5.30pm. Weekly fees are paid by parents and, depending on the families economic status (determined by Centrelink), a subsidy of up to 85% of the fee is paid by Family and Community Services (Federal). The service is the cheapest in the country and the only one run by The Salvation Army in the Southern Territory. Income is derived solely from parent fees, donations and fundraising.

This service operates five days per week. Inquiries can be handled by ringing or by appointment if further assistance is required.

Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 5.30pm
(08) 9349 7488

mainly music

mainly music is a program for pre-school children and parent or caregiver, designed to provide an environment where they can develop skills to enhance their education through music, rhythm, rhyme, movement and listening. Weekly sessions, during the school year, are full of fun, educational music and musical activity to grow and develop your child, followed by something to eat and something to play with, plus time for you to eat and chat with other parents!  Please contact the office for more details.

Wednesday 9:30am – 11am, during school terms

Sunday School

Each Sunday morning the children, aged 3 to 12, have the opportunity to engage with one another as they learn more about the Bible and Jesus.  Our dedicated and committed Sunday school leaders, teachers and helpers provide a safe and caring space for the young people to explore and discover more about God, themselves, others and life.  We continue to thank and praise God for the young people that are part of Balga Salvation Army and the wonderful blessing and gift that they are from Him.

Just Brass

Just brass is a program for children offered at Balga Salvation Army, which is showing transformative effects across the country. Students receive free weekly individual and/or group music tuition in their schools. This is a music program that develops young leaders and builds children's confidence, self esteem and ability to thrive in school. The program is ongoing in its support and builds partnerships across the community to ensure all involved achieve, at school and beyond. Find out more

If you are interested in being involved, please contact the office.