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Do Unto Others - Our Journey so far…

Our hearts continue to be moved by the powerful ministry taking place through Do Unto Others (DUOs) as it spreads into the week and its faithful following of visitors continues to grow.

With countless meals served, new stories emerging and more hearts coming to Jesus every week, DUOs is now established community united by eager service and a real hope for the people of Adelaide. Furthermore, the introduction of a Wednesday night version, DUOs Express, is evidence of a ministry that has outgrown its Saturday night timeslot, spilling into the weekly lives of its volunteers and visitors.

Nearly two years have passed since a simple ministry with the ethos of restoring dignity to Adelaide’s most marginalised and disadvantaged began. The widespread enrichment of the lives of both visitors and volunteers that has followed is untold, as our stories become interweaved through the sharing of both our time and experiences.

We’ve lived together through loss with the passing of some of our dearest including, the tragic death of Sue Peters and shortly after the end of Darryl Hale’s battle with cancer. We’ve sung and danced at talent shows and enjoyed from live bands including Sarah Lloyd of X Factor fame and Ash from the Sundance Kids.

We’ve spread into the wider community through media opportunities and a new YouTube video and gained the equipment and facilities we need to make the job easier, including a new oven, coffee machines and dishwasher thanks to support from local businesses and individuals.   

We have been there when the fight against addiction has again become too much, our hearts warmed by the hope of another day and the possibility that it brings. We are inspired by the triumphs of our visitors as hey explore the new training, employment and housing opportunities that could change their lives.

Most of all though, we rejoice as more and more people find joy, comfort and peace through faith in Christ and a community where they can both know and be known at DUOs.

Ruth Brooks

Ruth – is a familiar and loved face amongst our DUOs Community that gather on Wednesday and Saturdays